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Issue III Updates

Thanks for hanging in there while we finish up Issue III, Borfski Folks! Unfortunately, we got behind and have to postpone the Issue until the end of December. We're very sorry for any inconvenience but we promise your works will... Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Authors on Love

We are honoring Valentine's Day this year with a few quotes on love from some of our favorite authors. Don't forget to write something today! “There is no intensity of love or feeling that does not involve the risk of... Continue Reading →

The Charles Bukowski Tapes

We're very excited to finally watch The Charles Bukowski Tapes! Huge thanks to our buddy Jamie for lending us this DVD. Hours of interviews and readings. "Portrait of one of America's vital voices." This film by Barbet Schroeder gets into... Continue Reading →

Authors talking about other authors

We love getting a famous or successful author's perspective on another famous and successful author. Charles Bukowski, one of our favorite authors, once wrote an introduction to Ask The Dust, a novel by John Fante, who is another of our favorite authors. He talks... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Distinguished Poet Charles W. Brice

We interview poet Charlie Brice about his newest collection: Flashcuts out of Chaos.

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