The Borfski Press is currently accepting submissions for our blog!

We’re hoping that TBP can pickup taking submissions for the next issue over the summer. For now, we’re planning to do a blog featuring ourselves and you. I’ll be covering the usual poetry, art, stories, etc but also want to shed some light on music gear, pickup swaps, self publishing, and anything I can think of worth blabbering about.

We will get our Submittable page up and running for blog submissions ASAP, but in the meantime send us your blog pitches to That said we’re likely to accept material that has some media in it. We’re looking for quarantined videos of songs, poetry/story readings, a video or description of a piece of art you’ve done, but feel free to continue to send us poetry, prose, and art to feature. Send us something creative and we’d love to take a look and possibly feature it.

Selected blog pitches will be featured on our website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Same deal as before, you own your work but we reserve the right to post and feature accepted works on our website and socials. For now, we cannot pay our contributors for their work. As much as Dagney and I would like to, it’s just not in the cards at the moment. We appreciate your patience, consideration, and creativity.

We accept Prose, Poetry, Art/Photography, and other miscellaneous Submissions


Guidelines for all submissions

The Borfski Press is an emerging magazine and small publishing company. We publish poetry, fiction, lyrics, cartoons, flash fiction, comics, articles, nonfiction, reviews, photos, art, and music compositions. However, we are open to bizarre queries: all art is welcome. The Borfski Press accepts work by both emerging and established artists. As a new company, we have a high acceptance rate. Above all else: keep writing and creating.

We believe in the first amendment and want to hear the good shit, so don’t hold back. That said, please, NO racist, discriminating, hateful, or religious material. If you have any questions about submissions, please send us an email at

Please follow the following guidelines when submitting:

  • Include your last name in the title of your file attachment
  • If you are submitting a word doc, include your first and last name in the document
  • If you are submitting photographs, artwork, or other images, be sure to let us know the titles of each piece and if they are nameless (either in the file name or in your greeting/bio)
  • Keep bios under 100 words. We reserve the right to shorten your bio if we need to.
  • If you are submitting multiple pieces of work in the same category, attach them all in one submission

Simultaneous Submissions

Simultaneous submissions are permitted and encouraged! Please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. You may submit to multiple genres but allow for us to accept or reject your work before submitting again.

Response Time

Our editors will get back to you as soon as possible with an acceptance/rejection letter after submissions close. You will receive a detailed letter from a human being: not a generic message. Every submission will receive a response.


If we accept your work for our magazine, we obtain First Serial Rights. Once accepted, the rights revert to the writer and you are free to do with the piece(s) as you please. We accept unpublished and previously published material.


The Borfski Press pays for contest winners. Because we offer free submissions, we are unable to compensate our contributors for The Borfski Press Magazine, but we hope to in the future.submit