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Submissions for Issue II

Hey there Borfski folks, We're reading through our submissions as of yet for Issue II and really enjoying them! Great work all around that we're very excited to consider for our second issue. We're getting a lot of poetry, prose,... Continue Reading →

On Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of our favorite artists. He was the son of a Protestant minister, and was named after a¬†stillborn brother who was born exactly a year before himself. Our Vincent became the oldest of three sisters... Continue Reading →


The Borfski Press Magazine: Issue I is on sale for 50% OFF TODAY ONLY!! Get your print copy HERE! Get your eBook HERE! The Borfski Press is an independent, inclusive, free-speech oriented literary magazine and publisher that accepts all art... Continue Reading →

The Borfski Press Magazine: Issue I

We at TBP are proud to present the inaugural issue of The Borfski Press Magazine! You can purchase your print copy of the magazine HERE at a special discounted price, or if you prefer, you can get an electronic copy... Continue Reading →

The Countdown Continues

(Scroll down to learn more about purchasing the magazine!) An inside look: artwork The Borfski Press Magazine features artwork of a variety of media created by truly inspiring and accomplished artists. In our art section you will find incredibly detailed... Continue Reading →

The Borfski Press Cover is Here!

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