By: Annabelle Cardin

Annabelle Cardin has been writing music for ten years and started publishing a year ago. She takes heavy influence from several of her favorite grunge era rock bands, producing her music individually but laying down several tracks of different instruments.

You can hear Cardin’s brand new tune, “Grapefruit,” out now on YouTube, Spotify, and more.

Grapefruit by: Annabelle Cardin

This song really reminds us of Mazzy Star with some My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth mixed in. A very smooth, not quite lo-fi sound, with great use of dynamics, and a ton of character. Quality recording, unique and natural vocals, with some delightful guitar fuzz. This number certainly makes it feel like we’ve time traveled to the 1990s while staying true to itself and wholesomely original.

Lyrically, Cardin takes observations she makes about the general “people” or specific idiosyncrasies and uses her music to explore her curiosity about those things, some songs being based on specific relationships and others being simple generalizations.


I’m so tired of you
Just because I care
Always reminiscent
You’re hanging in the air

And these days why do
Your lips crack when you smile
Is it all ‘in a sense’
Or really just denial

My safer side
My tender side
My bitter side

A wondering gaze
To which I do owe
One moment on end
What should we all know

Aimless conversation
And lazily aware
Of our cracked and youthful hands
Know less than they bear

My safer side
My tender side
My bitter side

You say that you don’t know
Where you want to go
Love, I think that we are both more
Jaded than we know

My safer side
My tender side
My bitter side