Modern American Gothic

by: George Stein

From the Artist: “I am quite fond of interesting juxtapositions and strong contrasts,” says Stein. “This photo is meant to be a modern take on the grant wood piece.”

Modern American Gothic by: George Stein

This modern take on Wood’s piece contrasts the relationship between the two characters and their environment. While Wood constructed a home and the father-daughter dynamic that he thought should live there, Stein shows us two figures who cannot share the same relationship. The imagery in this piece reminded us of some of our favorite David Lynch works. This could be a shot of a dream sequence or perhaps a real life nightmare found in the woods or on a farm.

George L Stein is a writer and photographer in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area with interest in monochrome, film and digital photography, urban and rural decay, architectural, street, and more generally, art photography and digital manipulation. His work has been published in Midwest Gothic, NUNUM, Montana Mouthful, Out/Cast, The Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, and DarkSide magazine.