Hey everybody, hope that things are going well as we start to wrap up 2020. I’m making a lot of progress on the Big Muff book and started a little side project to pair with it! I’m going through each of my Muffs and posting pictures of them with records that use them. Today, we start with the Stomp Under Foot 1972 Tri-Muff V6 and to accompany this fine unit, we have ‘Yessongs’ by Yes.

It was the English progressive rock band’s first live album that compiled recordings primarily from the US and one date in Canada and one in London. Steve Howe has mostly used Triangle Muffs and Maestro Fuzzes for his high gain tone throughout his career and has stated that a “late ‘60s Electro-Harmonix Big Muff” was used on ’70s Yes recordings. You can hear examples on ‘Yessongs,’ ‘Closer to the Edge,’ and he has been seen using them on tour from the ’70s until now (before COVID-19 destroyed everything that is). He has specifically cited songs like “Sad Night at the Airfield” for use of the Triangle Muff.

Although the ’69 is different, the ’72 can give you the classic sound of early progressive rock groups like Yes and King Crimson. Album art by the amazing Roger Dean. Let me know what you thought of this and drop a comment with your favorite Triangle variant/clone, favorite Yes record or favorite Roger Dean artwork. Thanks for tuning in!