By: Francesca Badea

From the Artist: “The spirals I’ve painted are about leaving darkness in order to find light. The spiral represents a time in my life in which I had to leave problems, past issues, unhappiness and fears behind in order to start a better life. It is a slow process, so I had to learn what patience means. A better life it s like a spiral, which takes patience and time to build. We all want things to happen fast for us, immediately if possible, but sometimes you just have to go on and wait patiently for the progress to happen.”


Spiral by Francesca Badea

We can all relate to the idea of coming out of the darkness to find oour own light. If we build a spiral of our own, we can get ourselves sturdy again by climbing from the depths to a bright new optimism. Like Badea says, we may have to be patient in order to receive the things we want and need. Climbing an intimidating, lengthly, and spiraling staircase takes patience and breaks.

Francesca Badea was born in Câmpulung Muscel in 1994. In 2016, she graduated the National University of Arts Bucharest, Painting Department. In 2015, she was enrolled in the Erasmus program at Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. She currently lives and works in Bucharest, Romania