Playtime 2

By: Edward Supranowicz

From the Arist: “Playtime 2 came about on one of those days when the whole world seemed to be run by mean kindergarteners pretending to be rational adults, wondering if there were such a thing as a “rational adult”. It seemed social structure and civilization collapsed beneath gleeful squeals and random games and races.”


Playtime 2 by: Edward Supranowicz


What is particularly interesting about Supranowicz’s piece, is the clashing of red and blue with yellow, purple, black, and turquoise peppered in. It’s possible that these kindergarteners have already taken sides; creating first, second, and third pizza parties of their own. Supranowicz is able to capture elements of chaos with the idea of a “rational adult” imposed upon young children.

Looking at this piece another way brings us all back to recess: the most awaited activity of the entire day. For the most fortunate this meant up to fifteen minutes of outside playing. Again, a cosmic and largely enjoyable experience for students but a massively stressful situation for some teachers. Perhaps this could be an elementary school teacher’s point of view of the playground, basketball courts, and baseball fields at recess time.

Edward Michael Supranowicz has had artwork and poems published in the US and other countries. Both sides of his family worked in the coal mines and steel mills of Appalachia.