20170616_095740.jpgAt last! The date is set for the release of The Borfski Press Magazine: Issue II! It will be available in print and electronic form starting Monday June 19th. You will soon be able to find print copies on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and more.

As a special promotion, you’ll receive 40% off the list price if you purchase a print copy from Lulu.com on Monday! Be sure to check back here on Monday for purchasing information.

This literary magazine will contain over one hundred pages of prose, poetry, and art submitted by a group of truly talented creators from all over the world. We want to thank everyone who has submitted to The Borfski Press, and we look forward to many more issues in the future. Expect submissions to open for Issue III in September, and remember – we allow and encourage previous contributors to submit to us again in the future!