We love getting a famous or successful author’s perspective on another famous and successful author. Charles Bukowski, one of our favorite authors, once wrote an introduction to Ask The Dusta novel by John Fante, who is another of our favorite authors. He talks about wandering through the LA Public Library for hours, days, months, just a young struggling writer trying to find inspiration, finding nothing but dull words. But then he comes across Fante, “like a man who had found gold in the city dump.” Bukowski writes,

“The lines rolled easily across the page, there was a flow. Each line had its own energy and was followed by another like it. The very substance of each line gave the page a form, a feeling of something carved into it. And here, at last, was a man who was not afraid of emotion. The humor and the pain were intermixed with a superb simplicity.  The beginning of that book was a wild and enormous miracle to me.

“I had a library card. I checked the book out, took it to my room, climbed into my bed and read it, and I knew long before I had finished that here was a man who had evolved a distinct way of writing. The book was Ask the Dust and the author was John Fante.”

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