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Inside Look: Short Stories

The short stories in the Borfski Press Magazine were written by a variety of talented and award-winning authors from around the world. They will take you on a rollercoaster journey of emotions and surprises, with a salient thread of revenge running through the pages. You’ll find yourself seamlessly slipping in and out of the vivid skins of the characters and their worlds, facing trauma, betrayal, obsession, and wonder.


The Borfski Press magazine will be available in electronic form for $8.99 through lulu.com starting Friday November 18th, but if you buy before December 2nd you’ll get two dollars off!

Hard copies of Issue I will be available for purchase through lulu.comstarting Friday, November 18th, and they’ll be able for purchase through Amazon and other retailers soon after. Our magazine is a truly astounding collection of the best poetry, art, and stories we could find, and we are proud to offer durable, high-quality hard copies at a discounted price of $53.99. As a special new release promotion, the print magazine will be available for 50% off all day Friday November 18th, and will remain 20% off through December 2nd!  If you purchase your magazine through Lulu, be sure to search their home page for site-wide discount codes to save even more on your copy of The Borfski Press magazine! They often run discounts up to 30%, especially around the holidays.