Nicotine Withdrawal is a poem by Ashley Walker that will be featured in Issue #1 of The Borfski Press. It available for separate purchase on Amazon for just $0.99. Below is a preview of her poem

Ashley Walker studies music therapy at Radford University and has been writing poetry since she learned how to write. She has also been writing her own songs and compositions since she was in high school. A lot of Walker’s writings are about love, mental health, and politics.

Nicotine Withdrawal

When it comes
It’ll creep up on you
Like nicotine withdrawal.
You won’t even know what
Is trying to overcome you
You just feel like something is different about you.
Your lungs breathe oxygen
And you can’t handle
Having just that anymore.Your fingertips are free
With nothing in between them.Your lips are sealed tightly
With nothing in between them.
You have no breaks within the day
Where you can sit for seven minutes

View the entire poem when Issue #1 publishes or purchase it here!