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May 2016

Book Release: Waking Up Is a Disgusting Habit

The Borfski Press presents: Waking Up Is a Disgusting Habit by Shawn Hatfield official book release on July 15th! Mark your calendars people. Big thanks to Dagney Swan Palmer for artwork/editing and Brandan Lickey for design. It's going to be... Continue Reading →

I’m Gone and I Bid My Time

I'm Gone and I Bid My Time are two original poems by Oluwaseun Fakoyede featured in the first issue of The Borfski Press. Fakoyede is an emerging writer and a mathematics postgraduate student at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. CLICK... Continue Reading →

Jake and The Burtones

Take a look at Shawn Hatfield's article and interview with Jake and The Burtones, published by Loudoun Arts. Read some of the great stories and listen to their latest single from their upcoming album, Half-Dead. Jake and The Burtones are a... Continue Reading →

Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine Withdrawal is a poem by Ashley Walker that will be featured in Issue #1 of The Borfski Press. It available for separate purchase on Amazon for just $0.99. Below is a preview of her poem Ashley Walker studies music therapy... Continue Reading →

Tough Octopus

Tough Octopus is a piece of art by Sam Walton that we are featuring in the first issue of The Borfski Press. More sneak peeks of the issue to come! Check out more of his work HERE! Walton is from Hamilton, Virginia.... Continue Reading →

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